The Online-banking System is a software package designed for remote banking customer service that provided for the possibility of exchanging information messages between clients and the bank using attached files.

“Online-banking” system has advanced technical means of storing, protecting, processing and transmitting information that allows minimizing the time required to complete customer orders and obtain information.

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1. System Capabilities

The Online-banking System provides our clients with the opportunity to access their accounts from any computer connected to the Internet at any time and from any place as well as access to documents, reference books, import documents from accounting programs, possibility to sign documents, view statements in the mode of permanent connection to the bank server (access to the system in real time mode with a permanent connection to the Internet).

Provides flexible management of the rights of customers and their employees. For each client, for each type of document, the required number of EDS is configured.

2. Reliability and security of the system

The  Online-banking” system  belongs to the class of secure electronic document management systems. The exchange of electronic documents in the Online-banking  takes place between the bank and the client.

An electronic document sent by the client and received by the bank is the basis for the bank to conduct financial transactions.

To ensure the authenticity (proof of authorship) and the integrity of the document, the Internet Bank of the iBank 2 system uses an electronic digital signature (EDS) mechanism under electronic documents. It is an electronic document with EDS that is an order for financial transactions and an evidence base in resolving a conflict situation.

In order to ensure confidentiality, the Internet Bank of the iBank 2 system uses a data encryption mechanism. When interacting over the Internet, encryption and control of the integrity of the transmitted information is carried out, the parties are cryptographically authenticated.

The USB token and the iBank 2 Key smart card are implemented on the basis of the new ST23YL18 secure card microcontroller from STMicroelectronics.

The composition of the microcontroller in the production of the mask method stitches Russian card operating system “Magister”.

The “Master” card operating system includes the Crypto-Module C23 cryptographic information system certified by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in class KS2.

 Certificate of Conformity reg. № SF / 114-2312 dated December 31, 2013

3. Requirements for working with the system

When working online, it is necessary to follow a number of simple rules, this will ensure the maximum level of security during the work. It is important to remember that no one except you can protect your computer and confidential information on it from the actions of malicious programs.

  • Use a USB token to store files with EDS secret keys;
  • Remove media with EDS keys at the time when they are not used for working with “iBank 2”;
  • Do not save information concerning your password on any media including computer, do not send passwords or keys by e-mail;
  • When you receive new keys, back them up and keep them in a place that is not accessible to unauthorized persons;
  • Use reliable, licensed anti-virus protection tools at your workplace (in the work LAN);
  • Avoid visiting Internet sites of questionable content, downloading and installing questionable software, etc. on computers used to work with iBank 2;
  • Eliminate the maintenance of computers used to work with iBank 2 by unreliable IT employees.

4. Connecting to the Internet Bank

Online-banking services for customers are provided using the electronic banking system iBank 2 of BIFIT.

The user must have:

  • Computer. The operating system is Windows 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista. It is possible to work with other operating systems.
  • Internet access.
  • It is recommended to use one of the following programs installed on the user’s computer. Web browser (with java support): Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari
  • The presence of the printer on which the public key certificate of the electronic digital signature of the client will be printed.

 Memo Login to Internet Bank

5. Fees

2.1.Installation of the Internet Bank System3500 rub.
2.2.Monthly payment for settlement services and account management600 rub.
2.3.Switching to the use of the “Internet Bank” system in case of a public key certificate is provided within one month from the date of signing of the RB System Agreement via the “Internet Bank” systemis free
2.3.1.In case of non-submission of the Public Key Certificate within one month from the date of signing of the RB by the “Internet Bank” system3500 rub.
2.4.Providing the use of a USB key “iBank 2 Keyis free
2.5.Reinstall the system in the following cases:
2.5.1.– failures due to the fault of the Client, in case of damage, loss, compromise of electronic keys2500 rub.
2.5.2.– replacement or registration of an additional set of electronic signatures2500 rub.
2.6.Registration of electronic digital signature when changing persons with the right of first and second signatureis free
2.7.Installation of software for authentication and confirmation of payments via SMS system “Internet Bank”is free
2.8.Registration of a digital signature of a subscriber in case of expired certificate validityis free
2.9.Registration of digital signature for damage, loss, compromise of electronic keys2500 rub.(including VAT)
2.10.Installation of software for authentication and confirmation of payments of the Internet Bank system2500 rub.
2.10.1.– provision of the OTP-token for use upon request at the primary connection to the systemis free
– provision for use of the OTP token of more than 2 pieces (per piece)2500 rub.(including VAT)